Insurance Credentialing and Beyond

Even though the Affordable Care Act has not been rolled out in its full form, licensed massage therapists in most states are already able to take some kind of insurance, be it health insurance, PIP (personal injury protection), or both. If you don’t yet take insurance, but you want to when the insurance expansion begins, why not start now?

I’m going to provide the details and resources you’ll need to get credentialed with the insurance companies, bill insurance successfully, and keep track of payments and dues. I’ll tell you about CPT codes and how insurance companies like to obfuscate whether they actually provide massage coverage. I’ll walk you through the different ways you can set up your practice to best handle insurance billing and collecting payment.

It won’t just be me jabbering at you endlessly with tons and tons of details. There will be graphics! Links! At least one video! Stay tuned.

And if you already take insurance, there will still be new and exciting content related to your interests. Information about what IHPC is doing in congress, how the ACA will affect your already-thriving practice, more discussion about accepting CAM providers as legitimate medical professionals, and so much more!

Oh, and have I mention that there’s an awesome survey that you should fill out? Make your voices heard!


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