LMT Interviews – A.R.

Name: A.R.

Name of your practice: Andrine de la Rocha Massage Therapy

Location: United States

Number of LMTs working there: 2

How long have you been massaging? 16 years

What type(s) of massage do you do? Swedish, Myofascial Release, CranioSacral Therapy, Pregnancy.

How long have you taken insurance? 14 years

What types of insurance cases do you accept? MVA, PIP

Do you do your own insurance billing? Yes.

What’s your favorite part about taking insurance? Being able to offer a service to help a person recover from an injury without them having to worry about the expense coming out of their pocket.

What’s your least favorite part about taking insurance? Trying to explain or “justify” the treatment that I’m providing to insurance people whose job it is to pay me as little as they can get away with. Also waiting for up to 2 months to even have claims processed and then sometimes having to re-submit them because of an error on the part of the ins. co. and having to wait another 2 months.

What do you hope the new ACA laws will accomplish? I hope the ACA will allow more people to get the medical treatment that they need when they need it, rather than waiting until they are too incapacitated to function.

What would you say to an LMT who is interested in taking insurance? Beware. Insurance panels will pay you the minimum amount they can get away with, while requiring you to put in hours of paperwork and wait weeks to get your 30%. PIP ins can pay well, but they will sometimes cut you off without telling you they are doing so, leaving you and/or the client with a huge unpaid bill for up to a year or more.

Are you also an LMT who takes insurance? Fill out your own survey here!


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