LMT Interview: Lisa

Name: Lisa

Name of your practice: Lisa L Romary LMT

Location: Beaverton, OR

Number of LMTs working there: Myself

How long have you been massaging? 12 years

What type(s) of massage do you do? Trigger point therapy

How long have you taken insurance? 10 years

What types of insurance cases do you accept? MVA, worker’s comp.

Do you do your own insurance billing? Yes

What’s your favorite part about taking insurance? I love the work. The challenge of working with the client to help them relieve their pain, and assisting them in transition to normalcy.

What’s your least favorite part about taking insurance? The games the insurance companies play.

What do you hope the new ACA laws will accomplish? I am hoping that it will assist every person to health care regardless of income.

What would you say to an LMT who is interested in taking insurance? The money can be very good. Especially if you can connect/work with health care professionals to give you referrals. Insurance is a lot of extra time and paperwork. You have to perform massage that is result driven. I have found neuromuscular therapy and trigger point therapy works well with MVA and Workman’s comp claims. In my early practice, I offered and performed many free massages on Chiropractors, PT’s, physicians, dentists, etc. to build business. It is very physically demanding and is difficult to sustain the demands on the body, long term.

Are you also an LMT who takes insurance? Fill out your own survey here!


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