Massage Regulations by State

As I mentioned previously, I want to use this space to teach any and all interested massage therapists how to get credentialed with insurance companies, bill for insurance, and get paid. This will be vital knowledge when the bulk of the ACA rolls out next year and insurance coverage is expanded to include more consumers and providers.

You may not be able to use some of this information instantly. Maybe you’ll tuck it away until the time comes when your state allows you to join an insurance panel, or when your first insurance client schedules a massage with you. Regardless of whether your state yet allows you to do the things I’m teaching you how to do, I’ll continue to present this information throughout the coming months. I want you to be ready.

But which states already allow credentialing? Which states will allow credentialing? Section 2706 specifies that the non-discrimination law applies only to providers who are licensed or certified under state law. If a state doesn’t have laws in place for massage therapist licensing or certification, they will not be able to take advantage of the new law.

But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Indeed, many of the remaining states that don’t have state-wide requirements are pushing to make licensing or certification mandatory. Idaho, for example, will be requiring licenses for massage therapists starting in July. We still have the rest of the year to affect change elsewhere.

Below is a list of every state and their regulations on massage, along with a link to their massage therapy board or professional division. If you’re curious about how your state intends to transition with regards to the Affordable Care Act and massage therapy coverage, these are the people to ask.

Alabama – State license required.
Alabama Massage Therapy Board

Alaska – No state requirements or regulations.
Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development

Arizona – State license required.
Arizona Board of Massage Therapy

Arkansas – State license required.
Arkansas State Board of Massage Therapy

California – Voluntary certification for therapist or practitioner.
California Massage Therapy Council

Colorado – State registration required.
Colorado Division of Professions and Occupations

Connecticut – State license required.
Connecticut Department of Public Health & Addiction Service

Delaware – Optional state licensing. Can alternatively choose to be a Certified Massage Technician.
Board of Massage and Bodywork

District of Columbia – State license required.
District of Columbia Board of Massage Therapy

Florida – State license required.
Florida Board of Massage Therapy

Georgia – State license required.
Georgia Board of Massage Therapy

Hawaii – State license required.
Hawaii State Board of Massage Therapy

Idaho – State license will be required as of July 1, 2013.
Idaho Board of Massage Therapy

Illinois – State license required.
Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulations

Indiana – State certification required.
Indiana State Board of Massage Therapy

Iowa – State license required.
Iowa Board of Massage Therapy

Kansas – No state requirements or regulations.
Kansas State Business Licensure

Kentucky – State license required.
Kentucky Board of Licensure for Massage Therapy

Louisiana – State license required.
Louisiana Board of Massage Therapy

Maine – State license required.
Office of Licensing and Registration: Massage Therapists

Maryland – State license (LMT) or state registration (RMP) required.
Maryland Board of Chiropractic and Massage Therapy Examiners

Massachusetts – State certification required.
Massachusetts Board of Registration of Massage Therapy

Michigan – State license required.
Michigan Board of Massage Therapy

Minnesota – No state licensing; licensing is regulated by city or county.
Minnesota State Legislature

Mississippi – State license required.
Mississippi State Board of Massage Therapy

Missouri – State license required.
Missouri State Board of Therapeutic Massage

Montana – State license required.
Montana Board of Massage Therapy

Nebraska – State license required.
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

Nevada – State license required.
Nevada State Board of Massage Therapists

New Hampshire – State license required.
New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

New Jersey – State license required.
New Jersey Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy

New Mexico – State license required.
New Mexico Massage Therapy Board

New York – State license required.
New York State Board of Massage Therapy

North Carolina – State license required.
North Carolina Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy

North Dakota – State license required.
North Dakota Board of Massage

Ohio – State license required.
State Medical Board of Ohio

Oklahoma – No state requirements or regulations.
Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision

Oregon – State license required. Insurance credentialing available.
Oregon Board of Massage || Oregon Practitioner Credentialing Application

Pennsylvania – State license required.
Pennsylvania State Board of Massage Therapy

Rhode Island – State license required.
Rhode Island Department of Health

South Carolina – State license required.
South Carolina Massage and Bodywork Panel

South Dakota – State license required.
South Dakota Board of Massage Therapy

Tennessee – State license required.
Tennessee Board of Massage Licensure

Texas – State registration required.
Texas Department of State Health Services

Utah – State license required.
Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing

Vermont – No state requirements or regulations.
Vermont Office of Professional Regulation

Virginia – State certification required.
Virginia Board of Nursing

Washington– State license required. Insurance credentialing available
Washington State Department of Health || Washington Practitioner Credentialing Application

West Virginia – State license required.
West Virginia Massage Therapy Board

Wisconsin – State certification required.
Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services

Wyoming – No state requirements or regulations.
Wyoming Professional Licensing Boards


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