Cover My Care

IHPC has introduced the next phase in their mission: Cover My Care.

This grassroots program is designed to “create public advocacy for access to all healthcare providers who are licensed in the states.”

Cover My Care’s objectives include:

      • Telling stories from all across America where these therapies are bringing relief and restoration of health to people.
      • Telling how these therapies are finding their way into standard medical practice: in medical education, in everyday care and in programs of wellness and prevention: in cancer, pain management, chronic disease, and stress management.
      • Providing toolkits and connections that can help you make the case in your state.
      • Making known the substantial medical education and professional certifications that practitioners in these disciplines must obtain in order to win licensure in their state.

They already have a number of posts on topics such as government relations, uses for alternative care, and updates on state licensing. The website is still in its early phase, but new posts are added every week. Make sure you bookmark Cover My Care and continue to check back!

Cover My Care Website

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